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We are so happy you are here! Thanks to people like you we are one step closer to providing Nurse Practitioners with proper representation across Alberta. Here you will find our membership form. 


Application for membership as a regular member of the Nurse Practitioners Association of Alberta - Union (NPAAU), a trade union whose geographical jurisdiction is in the Province of Alberta, Canada. 

I, the undersigned, hereby apply for admission of membership in the NPAAU. I hereby designate the NPAAU to act exclusively on my behalf with regard to all matters involving the regulation of relations between any employer and myself, and to act as my collective bargaining agent, including the right to make any and all applications, including certification applications, to any labour or other Board, any Court, or any other body at any time as the NPAAU may deem necessary, in its sole discretion. Upon admission to membership, I agree to abide by the Constitution of the NPAAU and to all Bylaws and Policies of the NPAAU as may be in place from time to time, and so long as they are not in conflict with any applicable legislation. 


Two-step membership activation:

1. Purchase membership on the current page.

2. Digitally sign the document that will be emailed along with your receipt.


Your Information

Employer Information

Law requires we ask for your employer and occupation. If you don't have an employer or are retired, put N/A, and if you are self-employed put "self-employed" in employer and describe your occupation.
Contributions are not tax deductible.

Payment Details

I authorize the Nurse Practitioners Association of Alberta Union (NPAAU) to: - collect my membership fee using the payment method below for the purpose of registering my membership in the NPAAU; - collect the information herein, to keep it current and up-to-date, and to maintain it in any way that it judges suitable, including withholding this information from my employer; - collect from my employer, or from another relevant source, all the information which would appear to be necessary to obtain a certification for the NPAAU and for its negotiation, conclusion, and administration of collective agreements, group insurances or pension plans; and - use or communicate such information to any trade-union or other body with which the NPAAU is affiliated insofar as such communication is necessary to achieve the negotiation, conclusion, and administration of collective agreements, group insurances or pension plans.